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Why I recommend Metabolic Balance

Why I recommend Metabolic Balance

My own Story as a coach and a practitioner and why I recommend Metabolic Balance

I have tried many diets during my lifetime, but one I have truly found easy to do is the Metabolic Balance program.  Cooking evening family meals, I don’t feel that I must cook something totally different for myself, my family can eat what I eat, except for foods that are not on my plan. How easy is this?

On the plan for 11 weeks, I am enjoying the treat day, a glass of red wine, or during a family reunion a wonderful dessert, and still maintaining my weight!  It is a real-life changer, and it's true what they say, your mindset becomes more positive, when you start to feel wonderful changes!

You will not be alone when you start your diet, I will be here to help, guide you and give you advise, to keep you on the right track. Metabolic Balance has won two awards already, read on.

Why is Metabolic Balance different?

Your plan is accomplished without hunger or fasting, no meal replacements, calorie counting or fat-free products, it is pure food.   This program encourages the body to fat burn, preventing the yo-yo effect.

The sort of changes you can expect to see from doing this plan will be physical and mental well-being and it will improve performance and disposition and may be noticeable in a few days! It also does wonders for your skin, so if this is an area you have been struggling with for years, consider doing this program.

So how does it work?

There are four phases to this program: Phase 1 – 2 days to prepare the body for its new regime.  Phase 2 – A 14 day structured nutritional input to replenish the missing nutrients and restore vitality.  Phase 3 – Time to find your rhythm, acquire new knowledge about your individual needs and reach your goal.

Phase 4 – Live your ideal lifestyle with all the tools, knowledge and accomplishments of metabolic balance.

As your coach, I will only be a phone call away, should you need further help and assistance.

What is included in the price?

  • Your initial blood test
  • Your food plans
  • Your seven appointments (includes the first appointment) Appointments will be spread over a three-month period, enabling me “the coach” to monitor your progress during this time.
  • 4 emails to the coach for further support

Normal total price £1200 – £1100 for new clients

If you have a target weight loss/gain in mind, why not contact me to discuss this further.