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The initial consultation is where I get information about your lifestyle, diet, medication schedule and other important details needed to build your health plan. This is part of an important diagnostics tool to expand on questions regarding diet, lifestyle, and any family history, needed to create this unique program for you. It is a precursor to determining what functional testing may be useful to gather further in-depth information, which is necessary in creating and furthering that step to becoming healthy.

The health assessment will not be part of the package because it is the initial contact between you and me. It provides me with a better understanding of how I can help you achieve your health goals, and determine the health package for which you are better suited.  

Let’s get you booked in and let me help you achieve those long-awaited health goals.

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If conventional methods haven’t worked for you, find out how a qualified naturopathic functional medicine practitioner can support you on your journey to improved health and well-being.