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This program helps, those who want a more natural intervention. The outcome is to enable you to get your life back to some normality before these health issues become chronic.

Perhaps you have already gone down the traditional medical route, and your WHY has never been resolved? This three-month proactive program will help you nip in the bud any health issues creeping towards a chronic condition.

The focus of this package will be to lower inflammation and catch any disease or illness before it starts to worsen.

Perhaps you have taken several courses of antibiotics due to recurring infections, or you are an individual undergoing high levels of stress or have poor sleep hygiene; these are influencing your health.

If you keep getting recurring health issues this may be a sign that your immune system is not getting the support it needs. Being proactive with your health is the best course of action you can take. The body is a complex system that needs time to heal given the correct support.

How will this package help me?

Once the root cause of your health issue has been identified to you, this means you now know what has been preventing your health from flourishing. You will start to implement all the changes that have been identified to you from our blood and stool test. The protocols will help you heal one step at a time. Now you have the answer to what’s been making you unwell, you can continue implementing these changes to stay healthy.

Maybe you just want to address:

⦁ Having a better focus to help with work and productivity
⦁ Bloating
⦁ Having better digestion
⦁ Wanting more energy
⦁ Having a better sleep pattern
⦁ Copying better with Stress

The package offers a natural and alternative approach to traditional medicine, and may stop your health from deteriorating further or becoming chronic to the point of it affecting your home and work life. Perhaps you are already dealing with the challenges of long-term illness, to which you may be unaware of?

What is included in the 3 month package

Here are some of the support items which will be Included in this package:

  • During our first consultation, I’ll guide you through a comprehensive health assessment, delving into crucial questions to unveil the underlying root causes of your health concerns. If needed, we may discuss relevant tests to pinpoint potential issues more accurately. The insights gained will be the foundation for crafting personalized monthly protocols designed to guide you step by step on your journey to recovery.
  • 3 consultations with me via zoom, link will be sent to you via email, so you will know what and get to understand why your feeling unwell. One of the follow ups will include extra time, to enable me to explain the blood results to you so you understand what is going in your body.

  • 3 tailored monthly health protocols in support of your health goals

  • Please note that the package cost covers the 3-month program, but supplements are not included. The reason for this is that each month’s health adjustments are unique, and the specific supplements needed may vary based on your individual recovery progress. This approach ensures we tailor your protocol precisely to your evolving needs, optimizing your health journey for the best possible outcomes.
  • You do get email support from me while we work together

Unlock your path to lasting well-being with our exclusive 3-month package, £1200. Invest in your health today and embark on a transformative journey toward holistic wellness

Let’s get you living a healthy life so that you can enjoy doing what you want to do without it affecting all the things you love doing.