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Prevention is better than cure, and this is a great approach to take if you want to minimise illness and promote wellness. 

Men’s health is just as important as women’s health. You may find yourself suffering from stress because your job is demanding, which may mean working long hours and getting by with very little sleep or have a busy travelling schedule which takes you across several time zones to conduct your meetings.  All these things could quite easily start to affect the way you do your job and your productivity.

How could I help you? Perhaps you may be suffering from these types of issues:

  • Prostate issues
  • Feeling of incomplete bowel evacuation/ Interruption of stream during urination
  • Decreased sexual function
  • Frequent diarrhoea 
  • High levels of stress
  • Painful joints/tendons
  • Weight gain
  • Poor sleep pattern

Your 15 minute telephone consultation will take place before I do the health assessment, and at the end of this call, if you are happy to proceed, the assessment will be booked and confirmed with you.

The health assessment will help me build your personalised health program, and give me an indication of the type of testing, supplements, nutrition, and lifestyle changes you will need to be making throughout your monthly protocol program.

Why use functional testing

These tests help to dig deeper, and helps me see and correct what types of imbalances are causing your symptoms, and potentially prevent your health issues from becoming chronic. Functional testing is part of taking a preventative approach, be it blood, urine, saliva or stool. These tests provide valuable information which will be used to further fine tune your protocols to help increase recovery time.

Once the assessment has been done, I will have the details I need to get you started, and will recommend one of my health programs: three month or six month. The best route will be discussed with you to help you select your protocol package. If you decide to take out one of our packages, we are offering a 10% discount.

Book your 15 minute telephone consultation

If conventional methods haven’t worked for you, find out how a qualified naturopathic functional medicine practitioner can support you on your journey to improved health and well-being.