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Regain control of your work and home life by managing stress

We live in an increasingly hectic society, with long working hours and tight deadlines contributing to us feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope. In the UK, work-related stress, depression or anxiety are having a negative impact on our health and economy, with

  • over 500,000 workers suffering from these symptoms
  • around 26.8 million working days being lost annually

If you are not managing your level of stress at work or home, then it could impact on your physical and emotional health, which in turn can interfere with your productivity and performance. Chronic stress can weaken your immune system, leading to problems with your respiratory, digestive and nervous systems. Diseases such as cancer, arthritis, asthma can also develop following a severe shock or stress. It can also contribute to health conditions such as obesity and heart disease as many people try to deal with stress by overeating, smoking or using drugs and alcohol.

Common causes of stress

  • anxiety or fear of losing your job
  • consistently working long hours
  • rising expectations to meet unrealistic targets
  • pressure to continually work at optimum levels
  • lack of control over how you do your work
  • personal problems that may affect a bigger picture
  • the inability to switch off and relax

Common signs of chronic stress

  • loss of confidence
  • feeling anxious, irritable, or depressed
  • apathy, loss of interest in work
  • insomnia and sleep disturbances
  • constant fatigue
  • lack of concentration
  • muscle tension or headaches

Managing stress – take action now

If you are not managing stress, you should seek immediate help and advice. A stress management expert can show you how to manage stress.

This will help to shield you from these detrimental effects and improve your overall wellbeing. As a result you can enjoy greater job satisfaction and remain focused, energised and able to meet challenges head on.

Having worked in a corporate environment for 20 years, Christina Martin DHNP, AIT, mIFM, stress management expert at Future Health Management, has seen the damage chronic stress can cause. She is passionate about helping people to manage stress at work. Christina can teach you well-established relaxation techniques, to enable you to release stress. She will work closely with you to understand and help you manage your individual situation. As part of your managing stress at home or in the work place, Future Health Management may provide you with natural supplements to aid adrenal function to help restore health and vitality.

Managing stress treatment

  • one hour consultation where a full health assessment will be taken
  • if required, saliva test to check adrenals and Cortisol profile
  • if required, comprehensive written report
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If conventional methods haven’t worked for you, find out how a qualified naturopathic functional medicine practitioner can support you on your journey to improved health and well-being.