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Facebook logoI’d like to ask those of you who check my web site and like it, to please join my facebook page.

I have a few open discussions which I’d like participants’ to join as it really helps me as a practitioner to develop and grow with my company. I would also be happy to start a discussion based on your experiences or if there is a discussion you are interested in, please let me know. Tell your colleagues, friends and family to join.

You can join my facebook via the website or you can also go to

I have a supplement range that I use all the time. The range is made of food, with no active yeast so even the most yeast sensitive people could use them. Check out this facebook page also I have had great results with this brand and the only way for you to feel the benefits for yourself is to try them. Why not try our food state Zinc, now we are coming into the winter months. The Beta Glucan for those prone to viruses. You have nothing to lose by checking our webpage if you are thinking of buying a multivitamin why not try our range. The supplements come in a form recognise by the body, making the nutrient available for absorption.

If you like the native elements facebook page spread the work and let others try for themselves.

For example calcium carbonate, did you know that this is chalk? Our food state calcium is made from food and not chalk!

Do you really know what your supplements are made of and what you are putting into your body? This is why facebook is a great tool, so please, why don’t you join us.