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Keeping weight off with the Metabolic Balance Program

Have you been struggling with weight for a long time? The metabolic balance program may be right for you! This diet will maintain a healthy lifestyle and weight management. The program was developed by doctors and nutritionists in Germany.  It’s well established in Germany, Switzerland and Austria and was introduced to the UK in 2008. The diet is tailored made based on your blood analysis and generates an eating plan for you, but it is not to be confused with the Blood Type Diet, because it’s not based on your blood type.

You eat three nutritious meals every day and choose the foods for your meals from your personal food list. With the help of the right foods and a few simple rules you establish a new regime that enables you to achieve and maintain your perfect weight. The program promotes hormone balance, among other things, primarily by regulating the amount of insulin your body produces. Fat burning and weight loss occur almost as a side effect of restored hormone balance.  As a metabolic coach, my job will be to support and coach you through the four metabolic phases, you may have seen from the press, that celebrities like Boy George and Sam Smith have had great success with this diet, and is scientifically proven.

  • Improvements in energy levels
  • Weight loss (where losing weight has been difficult in the past)
  •  Improved digestion
  •  Improved cholesterol levels
  •  Stable blood sugar levels
  •  A reduction in blood pressure
  •  Elimination of uncomfortable menopausal symptoms
  •  Alleviation of inflammatory joint problems
  •  Much improved skin condition
  •  Stronger bones
  • Improved moods and lifting of depression
  •  Better sleep

For further details please contact me on 07956843575 or email me at  And see the new you transform!