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food supplementsThe way our food is grown and processed has changed beyond recognition over the last 50 + years.

If you compare the “Caveman Diet v The Modern Man Diet” humans used to eat freshly picked fruit pips and all, now we peel our fruit taking away the fibre. Also, let’s not forget the pesticides that the fruit has been sprayed with, which did not exist back in the caveman’s time, and the fact that soils are now depleted of important minerals such as selenium and magnesium.

Our demanding lifestyles have created imbalances so that we need additional support from supplements to help us maintain our homeostatic environment.

This demanding lifestyle creates stress which again further depletes our vitamins and minerals. Stress also affects our digestive systems, causing all sorts of health issues such as IBS. One thing has a knock on effect on something else. Although food is always the best means of obtaining all nutritional requirements, if grown on appropriate soil under certain conditions, the second best has to be a FOOD STATE form of nutrient.