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On Site Holistic Management – Your own holistic practitioner at hand

For some years now I have provided on-site naturopathy, nutritional therapy and stress management for clients opting to have someone close at hand.

Site visits include film locations, hotels and spas, sport locations and corporations. Currently UK based, though non-UK based can be done by arrangement and availability.

Naturopathy works well for clients who want to be supported holistically–mind, spirit and body–in other words, the focus will not just be on a single area of the body, but on the whole person. Enjoy the benefits of having your own holistic consultant at hand.

As an example, have you ever experienced pain during a film shoot and felt unable to give your best? What would you say if I could reduce the pain and discomfort by at least 50% or more? This particular therapy works on the pressure points of the body to relieve pain; you can feel the difference in as little as ten seconds.

I use a variety of therapies and new technologies that I have researched and tested out myself with great success. These are used in conjunction with my naturopathic techniques. You will receive a professional and friendly service.

You can contact me via email or through my PA and I will endeavour to provide a personal response within the hour.

You can hire me to be your personal holistic practitioner and look after you for the duration of the day, or employ me to provide 7 to 9 sessions per day, each session provides an hour of consultancy time per person.

  • Cost per day for 7 hours £1080 includes techniques and equipment used.
  • Cost per day for 9 hours £ 1450 includes techniques and equipment used.

This programme can be tailored for each individual needs and requirements. Stress management sessions may be tailored into these sessions.

I always advise clients to keep “good practices” going once they have done a session with me. You can also choose to do a maintenance session once a month or every other month by booking the session after your consultation. This ensures that I work around you and secure the date you want.