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Migraines can be quite a debilitating health issue, having first-hand experience on the subject.  They can leave you drained and feeling unwell, to the point where it can affect your life in general.  Everyone has different symptoms with onset of a migraine, some people have an aura, flashing lights, and it can cause partial vison blind spots.  In clinic, I have seen many clients who suffer from this health issue.  Puberty can be a trigger for migraines, as can certain foods, certain drinks, being too hot, being amongst a dense crowd can also trigger a migraine, the actual anxiety of thinking you may get a migraine during important events or meeting is stressful. Just as a helpful tip, there is a combination of vegetables and fruit you can juice as a drink, which not only helps with migraines, but tastes fantastic and cooling, all you need is a juicer to get juicing……………

I have found Philips works well for me, there are so many juicers to choose from, so do your own research and if you don’t already own one, I’d advise you to invest in buying one!

The list below contains a wonderful mixture of vitamins and minerals all natural, so let’s see what we have:

Vitamin A, B, C and vitamin E, potassium, chlorophyll, pectin, magnesium, folic acid, anti-oxidants, iron, amino acids, boron.

Ginger has always been one of my favourites for migraine check out the recipe below.

2 apples, choose ones that are a favourite, mine are royal gala apples, which work really well with this recipe.

1 handful of spinach

1 inch stem of broccoli

1 inch slice of cucumber

1 inch slice of lemon

½ inch of fresh ginger (you can tweak the recipe to your liking)

Put your apple, spinach, cucumber, lemon, ginger, broccoli and the last apple on top, Juice all these foods together.

It is great with crushed ice, and very cooling and satisfying.