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As a holistic practitioner, I came across a course that I belive will be beneficial for my clients and potential clients.  I liked its ethos and it’s a health program that I am going to take part in myself. called Metabolic Balance

Metabolic Balance is a great way to balance your metabolism and give the body what it lacks.  I became a coach, so that I can help others achieve their ideal goals, be it weight loss, hormonal balancing, or if your weight loss has come to a standstill. Metabolic Balance would be an ideal program for these types of health issues,  if this sounds like you, then this will be the program for you.

I like the fact that you can eat things you like, and you don’t have to starve yourself, and wait for it, no more cravings! It is particularly hard to lose weight once you reach 40 and over.  Food today is often rich in refined carbohydrates and empty calories, and depriving us of vital vitamins and minerals.  Metabolic Balance is a scientifically proven program, devised by medical experts with decades of research and development.  The program is tailored to your individual needs, your lab results tests highlight specific areas that may be addressed through your personal food plan.

Why is Metabolic Balance different?

Your plan is accomplished without hunger or fasting, no meal replacements, calorie counting or fat-free products, it is pure food.   This program encourages the body to fat burn, preventing the yo-yo effect.

The sort of changes you can expect to see from doing this plan will be physical and mental well-being and it will improve performance and disposition and may be noticeable in a few days! It also does wonders for your skin, so if this is an area you have been struggling with for years, consider doing this program.

So how does it work?

There are four phases to this program: Phase 1 – 2 days to prepare the body for its new regime.  Phase 2 – A 14 day structured nutritional input to replenish the missing nutrients and restore vitality.  Phase 3 – Time to find your rhythm, acquire new knowledge about your individual needs and reach your goal.

Phase 4 – Live your ideal lifestyle with all the tools, knowledge and accomplishments of metabolic balance.

As your coach, I will only be a phone call away, should you need further help and assistance.

What is included in the price?

  • Your initial blood test
  • Your food plan
  • Your seven appointments (includes the first appointment) Appointments will be spread over a three month period, enabling me “the coach” to monitored your progress during this time.
  • 4 emails to the coach for further support

The total price £1200 - Spring/Summer offer £950 for new clients, offered until 31st July 2016

If you like what you've heard and want to change your life, then please  contact me