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Been living with a health issue for a long time? Have already been down the NHS route but they can’t find anything wrong?  Read on…..

One of the many reasons why clients come to see me is because they have had a health issue for many years, or they have already visited their GP and gotten a private referral to see a consultant.  The client feels that there is something not quite right, but the consultants find nothing wrong. As a nutritionist and naturopath I look at a wider picture, which is why the case history is so helpful.  You will be with me for approximately 1 hour or 1 hour fifteen minutes.  Once the case has been taken, I will look at links and things I can see to be possible problems, including any predispositions that you may have genetically which could be a potential issue.

After the initial stage I will make recommendations. This could mean changing your diet, looking into deficiencies or even recommending further investigation like functional tests.  The initial consultation will always be a bit more expensive than the follow ups, as the initial meeting takes longer and I want to make sure that I have gathered all the necessary information that I need to put together a good programme for you.

Follow ups may also be recommended as this will give us both the opportunity for feedback or to make any further changes or recommendations.  The follow ups will be a 30 minute appointment.

How long will it take to recover? Well, this is a question that will depend on many things, such as how well you follow the programme and if you stray from the programme.  We are all very different and our recovery times are also very different.  I would say that some people may recover within 3 to 6 months and others within 1 year or 2 years.  I always say if you notice even a slight change, then this is a positive sign and you should continue doing what has been recommended to you.  When I offer telephone support to clients, I recommend that you ask only about what we have dealt with during our consultation and if there are other pressing issues with your health, then the time to deal with them is during a follow up.  Bombarding you with multiple issues will only confuse you, and I always recommend dealing with one health goal at a time.  I am happy to provide a five minute telephone support call for you, anything longer than that will have to been dealt with during a follow up, or via a paid Skype call.  I have had clients come back to me after a week on the programme to say that they are starting to see a difference, others may say the same thing after a few weeks or a month.  The important thing here is that recovery is taking place!

How do functional test work within my practice?  The test will be paid for via my website, I do recommend that once you have received the test, that you read the instructions thoroughly before doing it.  Tests results can take up to two weeks to come back to me, after I receive the test, I will schedule a follow up to discuss the outcome of the test and make any changes to your diet or to any supplemental programme if needed.

What will the cost implications be?  Well, it will be cheaper than going to a private consultant.  Some test are more expensive than others, for example, an adrenal stress test may cost £99 which is reasonable, while a comprehensive stool test costs £284, but is well worth it.  Some private health insurances may cover these tests, this is something that you will have to run by your private health care provider.  I will only recommend these tests if I feel the need to do further investigations. The cost of these tests will be in addition to your consultation with me, or to any supplements recommended.

All the fees are on my website under “on line shop, consultations”.