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Biofeedback therapy – What benefit will it have for me?

This therapy is designed to provide an accuracy of 98% as it focuses on the source of information, the brain.  When you are initially fully scanned, the machine will accumulate all the information that it has on all the changes that occur in the body.  The headphones have sensors which trigger the brain to communicate frequencies that occur within the body.  It detects change from a cellular level; this detection can be changes in bacteria, viruses, parasites or any disease manifestation or biochemically happening.  The frequency detected is unique and identified by name and developing stage.

The good thing about this is that it alerts me to any predispositions or manifestations of the disease, which is not available by any other research method e.g. x-ray, ultrasound or MRI.

The scan can take 30 minutes accumulating information and it will point out which organs need attention.  The good thing about doing the full body scan initially is that it gives me the opportunity to investigate other organs, for example if you come to see me because you are suffering from constant headaches, the machine will also inform me of what other organs need to be looked at before the disease manifests.  It is recommended that we do two sessions a week for a period of 2 to 3 months, should the machine indicate that you require a remedy made for you, this can be done once I complete your therapy.  I would recommend the Oberon practically for any health issue, be it infertility, intolerances, problems with the eyes, with the stomach and for any other problematic health issues. This therapy can also be used for children.

It is also a great visual tool for the client.  If you would like to book your sessions please go to our “online store, consultation”.  There are discounts available if you book 8 or 12 sessions, if you’d like more information please email me.  Any other questions I’m happy to help.