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Benefits of Biofeedback Therapy

What is biofeedback therapy, and how can it help me with my health issues?

Biofeedback therapy allows me to trace the stages of transition from health to illness to change the wave characteristics of tissues and even individual cells. At the same time providing a spectral analysis of vortex magnetic fields arising in the course of electrochemical reactions in living cells. The client wears headphones for about 15-30 minutes, while there is a collection of information about the state of the body. After the completion of the analysis, I collect all the information and options are issued on the health of the patient. Listed below are some of the biofeedback benefits and what it supports:

  • Insomnia
  • Gastrointestinal: Constipation, IBS
  • Help to support cancer patients
  • A 98% accuracy
  • Endocrine System: Hormonal imbalances
  • It can pick up viruses, and microorganisms
  • Respiratory System, Cardiovascular, Nervous, Musculoskeletal and blood and lymph

Once the client has had a full scan of all major organs, including those which fit the client’s health goals, it becomes possible to obtain information about the clients health, which is not available to other research methods (ultrasound, MRI, X-rays, etc.). The scan will be examined and a health program put in place to include the organs that require therapy or remedies. Two therapies should be done per week for a course of a month or two, this also depends on the health issue and how long the client has had the disease. Package and discount prices are available on request.

This technique is noninvasive and the scan can take up to an hour to gather all the information for analysis. The therapy is also very visual, allowing the client to see exactly what is being scanned at the time.

Here is what a client has to say about their experience with biofeedback:

“I have had a problem with my right eye for many years, a sensation of a stabbing pain, dryness and having headaches at the base of the head, I notice improvements with the first therapy, taking my remedy of two drops in the morning and two in the afternoon, three therapies down the line, my headaches have subsided, the eye is definitely not as dry and the stabbing pain has gone, so yes, would recommend this therapy to anyone who wants to improve on their health”


Getting Rid of Physical Tension

Tension, stress, I have yet to meet someone who does not suffer from any of these things!

I am going to focus on shoulders, back, and face. These exercises are simple to do to relieve tension in the body. Ok let start with the shoulders:

If you’re not used to exercise go easy on the pulling and stretching ones! Make sure you are in a nice warm room before you begin to do any relaxation techniques.

Shoulders: Shrug your shoulders up towards your ears, then relax them, hold this posture for a few seconds and relax. Now I want you to pull your shoulder blades together and relax, again hold for 2 and relax, start with a few and build on that.

Back: Lye on your back for this exercise, and leave your shoulders and buttocks supported on the floor, as you arch your back, tens it and relax, again you can start with a few and gradually work up to five or ten.

Neck: With this exercise, DO NOT ROTATE the neck, so make sure that you follow the exercise correctly. Press your head back and bend it slowly from side to side, again, remember do not rotate  the neck from side to side when doing this.

In the next exercise, you will turn your head to one side as far as you can, and hold for five seconds, and relax, returning your head back to the centre for ten seconds,  and repeat, turn your head the other way, hold for five seconds, and relax, returning your head gently back to the centre. Now move your head forward, tucking your chin in and hold for five seconds, and relax and return your head back to its normal position.

Face: Clench your teeth stretching your cheeks apart on the clench, and relax now push your bottom teeth in front of your top teeth and frown and relax and for the final one, lift your eyebrows, as if you’re stretching them up to the hairline or forehead and relax.

These are simple techniques that you could try when you have a moment at home and you know you can put aside half an hour for yourself to de-stress!

To detox or not to detox?

We are well into January and statistics show that New Year resolutions are well and truly forgotten.

However it is not too late to consider a detox. Many of the people I come across have heard of the concept but have never done one, are unsure of why they would need one, don’t know how to go about it and what the benefits of doing one are.

There are in fact many benefits to detoxing once or twice a year, and January is a good time as most of us will have indulged over the festive season and the start of a new year gives a sense of fresh purpose. In a typically western diet, the amount of food we eat and the types of foods we consume on a regular basis, such as sugar, wheat, fats and salt, put a strain on the digestive system. Imagine taking your car for a service, the first thing they do is to change the oil and the filter and effectively clean it out before they put in any new oil, and you have to admit that the car runs a lot better after it’s been serviced. These principles work for us too! The detox allows the body to get rid of morbid matter, to regenerate, to remove the toxic waste and make way for a healthier gut. By cleaning and eliminating parasites and candida and giving your digestion a good rest, it will function more efficiently.

As a result you will have more energy, will feel better and lighter, have a stronger immune system with clearer skin and healthier hair.

Doing a detox doesn’t have to be daunting or boring. The 8-day detox programme I recommend consists of a raw food diet, and a food state supplemental programme. Food state supplements such as the Native Elements range which I have brought to the UK are better absorbed and better retained by the body. The supplements I recommend include caprylic acid, milk thistle, multivitamin and mineral and the antioxidant with Q10. Foods to avoid are coffee, tea, dairy, fizzy drinks, processed foods and I provide a list of recommended foods.

Headaches may be a symptom of detoxing, this is quite normal, it’s the body’s way of getting rid of toxins. Make sure you’re always well hydrated as water plays a very important role during this process. It’s well worth it in the end.

This is what one of my patients says: ‘I came to see Christina with a few ailments. Within 8 days of being on her excellent detox programme, I feel so much better, and she diagnosed that I should not be eating certain foods which were irritating me. I cannot thank you enough Christina as if I had gone to a doctor I would simply have been prescribed medication, without getting to the source of the problem and sorting it out naturally. Highly recommended!’

For more details, or if interested in trying this programme, please email me at to arrange an appointment.

I hope you’ll take the challenge as I’m sure you won’t regret it.