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Getting Rid of Physical Tension

Tension, stress, I have yet to meet someone who does not suffer from any of these things!

I am going to focus on shoulders, back, and face. These exercises are simple to do to relieve tension in the body. Ok let start with the shoulders:

If you’re not used to exercise go easy on the pulling and stretching ones! Make sure you are in a nice warm room before you begin to do any relaxation techniques.

Shoulders: Shrug your shoulders up towards your ears, then relax them, hold this posture for a few seconds and relax. Now I want you to pull your shoulder blades together and relax, again hold for 2 and relax, start with a few and build on that.

Back: Lye on your back for this exercise, and leave your shoulders and buttocks supported on the floor, as you arch your back, tens it and relax, again you can start with a few and gradually work up to five or ten.

Neck: With this exercise, DO NOT ROTATE the neck, so make sure that you follow the exercise correctly. Press your head back and bend it slowly from side to side, again, remember do not rotate  the neck from side to side when doing this.

In the next exercise, you will turn your head to one side as far as you can, and hold for five seconds, and relax, returning your head back to the centre for ten seconds,  and repeat, turn your head the other way, hold for five seconds, and relax, returning your head gently back to the centre. Now move your head forward, tucking your chin in and hold for five seconds, and relax and return your head back to its normal position.

Face: Clench your teeth stretching your cheeks apart on the clench, and relax now push your bottom teeth in front of your top teeth and frown and relax and for the final one, lift your eyebrows, as if you’re stretching them up to the hairline or forehead and relax.

These are simple techniques that you could try when you have a moment at home and you know you can put aside half an hour for yourself to de-stress!