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I have been a practitioner for a few years now, plus I have many clinical years under my belt. This means that we do case history after case history to learn about what was affecting that person, look at their history, predispositions and many other factors that contribute to that person’s health deterioration.

Part of my journey to help others has also been based on my own health experiences. To give you a little background, back in 2002 before I became a practitioner, I suffered from fatigue, I put on a tremendous amount of weight, my sleep pattern was not good at all, I had achy joints and the soles of my feet were very painful. I visited my GP and he told me that I should go on a diet and that I was simply just feeling tired, even though I knew there was something wrong with me and that my body was telling me this.

I decided to investigate further and spent a lot of my time researching. Some of this research, I put into practice, but I feel that I needed more. I finally decided to take up nutrition, which I studied for quite a number of years. Once qualified, I then did a three year postgraduate degree in naturopathy. From then on I managed to take control of my own life and health. Changing my lifestyle and habits, changed my own life. These changes were not an overnight sensation, and in fact took me over a year to get back to normal, even then I still had to be careful with my diet. So my message to you is that I, more than anyone, have an understanding of how these things work and how difficult they can be. The positive side is when my health changed for the better, I never looked back. I look at everything I did in a positive way; I was able to focus more, fit into a few sizes smaller, sleep better and enjoy my family far more than I had.

When clients talk to me about their health, I understand exactly where they are and where they want to be………………