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Date testimonial was given 4th July 2015

Hi Christina,


My son Jad who has cerebral palsy and does not speak, is ten years old. He had breathing difficulties throughout his life as he easily catches colds and tends to have a runny nose for longer periods than normal kids his age. He snored at night and breathed from his mouth most of the time, which would disrupt his sleep. I have taken him to many doctors and specialist including Harley Street clinics and none of them have been able to alleviate his breathing difficulties. It is one of the hardest thing for me to see my son suffering and not know what to do to help him.

It was not until I came to see you, Christina, to check on Jad's food intolerance that I was able to finally solve this problem once and for all. Jad exhibited intolerances to yeast and orange juice. To my surprise, you immediately mentioned these two items caused nasal congestion even thought I had not informed you of Jad's condition. I never would have imagined, and no medical doctor would have suggest doing a food exclusion, a food intolerance, or that specific foods would be connect to nasal congestion.

As soon as I started Jad on a yeast and gluten free diet including the foods Jad was intolerant to, his sleeping improved almost immediately. Today Jad sleeps like any normal child for the first time in his life. Even his poo has changed where it was yellowish in colour and very loose almost liquid. Now it is brown and solid like normal children’s.

Although Jad cannot talk I would like to thank you on his behalf for solving a problem that the best doctors couldn't.