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Lack of sleep means a bad day at the office

Eating to offset the effects of ageing

Are you falling asleep on the job through lack of a good night’s rest? Insufficient shut-eye has a detrimental effect on your ability to function properly.
When you’re drowsy, your brain won’t process information as quickly or retain important facts so well. You’ll be less creative and find it hard to make decisions properly, all of which will make you less productive.
As well as hindering your work, lack of sleep will make you irritable and an irritation to your fellow workers. And, of course, your boss won’t be happy.
But, more importantly, the less time you spend in the land of Nod, the more likely you are to suffer from high blood pressure. Sleep aids the blood in regulating stress hormones and ensures a healthy nervous system.

Getting a better night’s sleep

There are steps that you can take to help keep insomnia at bay. First and foremost, make sure you have a decent mattress. If you feel that your pressure points are not being correctly supported by your current bed, then this may mean that you may need to consider changing your mattress.
Pillows are another source of frustration. You may have purchased a million pillows because you can’t seem to get your shoulders away from your neck. In other words, you scrunch up your shoulders while sleeping and end up with a headache or neck and shoulder pain. Result, you certainly won’t feel like getting up to go to work, more like pulling a sickie.
Once you’ve got your bedding sorted out, try the following to send you off:
• Drink a cup of camomile tea an hour before bed, instead of coffee or tea
• Use a diffuser in your bedroom with some lavender oil to help you relax
• Minimise screen time (TV, computer, phone) close to bedtime
• Have a warm bath with Epsom salts an hour before bed
• Get your adrenals tested in case your cortisol levels are high in the evening, thereby preventing you getting to sleep

Happy slumbering.

Not sleeping well at night? Understand why

Can’t get to sleep don't know why?


Not getting a good night sleep is a debilitating feeling when you’re tired, or you get to sleep and wake up a few hours down the line, only to remain awake.

The body is a complex mechanism and has its own internal alarm system.  Being In tune with your body is important, because it sends you a signal or a cry for help, when it feels distress.

Factors involved which may affect the sleep cycle

There are many factors involved which may affect a sleep cycle, for example, emotions may trigger off a past or current problem, causing you to over think or re-live a trauma/situation which causes you stress, or.

  • You may be a coffee drinker and overstimulating the body, causing your heart to race.
  • Have palpitations or irregular heartbeat,
  • Going through a problematic situation in your life.
  • Stimulants can keep you awake.

Foods that trigger an inflammatory reaction in the body

We love our food and may eat things that triggers an inflammatory reaction in the bodies, causing pain and discomfort.  Some of these culprit foods contain or have

  • High levels of refined sugar
  • An adverse reaction on blood sugar, promoting sugar highs, followed by a crash in energy levels. These situations may disturb the sleep cycle.

Example, you may have issues digesting or breaking down dairy products, causing an inflammatory response in the body, by way of producing excess mucus in the throat.  This situation may interrupt a good night sleep, because of the congestion in your throat. You may begin to snore, which puts additional stress on the lungs and heart.  Struggling with breathing at night may be a consequence of not getting a good night’s rest and waking up very tired/stressed in the morning.

Everyone is different, for that unique reason sleep may be disturbed.  I offer a free 10-minute initial telephone call, to find out more and better understand what your reason(s) for unrestful sleep may be.

If you fit this category, and want a holistic approach/method of dealing with your sleep issues, please contact me