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Healing Crisis

Why do people experience a healing crisis


Why do people experience a healing crisis and what does it involve? In this day and age we are faced with what I call the “modern mans diet”, which is a lifestyle that promotes unhealthy eating and other bad habits. Use morning as an example. Often people are in a hurry to get to work or school, as a result skip breakfast, instead they grab something on the way to work, usually at a fast food restaurant. What implication does this have to our health?

  • Most fast food is high in saturated fat
  • High in salt or sugar and generally not the healthiest breakfast you can have to start your day.
  • Additionally, many of us eat fast and on the go, which plays havoc with the digestion.

On top of all this unhealthy eating,  we have the stress factor through work, private life, and our environment. All these contribute to a build up of toxins over time causing disease.

People are now open to alternative medicine

Consequently many people are now open to alternative medicine as a different way of dealing with their disease. Alternative medicine like naturopathy works differently as there is no magic pill given or a quick fix. Toxins first have to be eliminated making way for a “cleaner environment “ in the body, a bit like taking the dirty oil out of a car before putting in the new oil. If you were to put in new oil while the dirty oil was still in the car, what benefit would that provide? Absolutely none! However, the process of toxin elimination may take time and patience. People with health issues have more than likely lived with toxin build-up for a very long time, so consider this next time you visit a practitioner. The natural support mechanism focuses on not suppressing the symptoms but working on getting rid of the root cause.

Doing a detox during spring

I always recommend doing a detox during spring; this is the best time, a time when new things grow and people start to feel energised. Part of my programme is to put steps in place to minimise clients from feeling ill and it is important to follow these steps. Everyone is different and may experience different symptoms.

Haring's Law of cure

A healing crisis will occur anytime your body is healing. Hering’s Law of cure refers directly to this, in that “the symptoms will begin from within out, in reverse order chronologically as to how the symptoms have appeared, tempered by the intensity of the trauma.” These symptoms are often identical to that experienced with the original illness itself.

A healing crisis is aptly named as you often feel worse before you feel better. Symptoms can vary, but during the toxin elimination process you are bound to feel bad as the toxins leave your cells.

A good example of eliminating toxins

A good example is someone who eliminates caffeine from their diet. They can experience withdrawal symptoms such as headaches until the body eliminates the caffeine and begins to function normally without it in their system.

My recommendation is, keep your practitioner up to date and be communicative in order for them to work things through with you.

By Christina Martin