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What is a sugar craving and what can you do?

Are you one of those people who suffer from sugar cravings? If the answer is yes, then this newsletter will show you what sort of things you could do to minimise your cravings!

When you have a sugar craving, you have a powerful desire to consume sugar.  Sugar is highly addictive.  Yale University revealed that a dramatic fall in blood sugar can put your body into sugar mode, which tends to happen when your diet is not great. Your diet may consist of carbohydrates, like sweets, biscuits, all these foods that affect the part of the brain controlling impulse, for example when you eat chocolate don’t you feel better, happier this is because it affects your reward system, makes you feel high, affecting your dopamine levels, the same when you eat fast foods or processed foods, these make you “feel good” and eating lots of sugar will continue to feel rewarding, sugar behaves like a drug, and therefore consuming lots of sugar kick-starts a domino effect in the brain, too much too often causes addiction and cravings for sugar,  and things can go into overdrive, however having something sweet now and again, is fine.

Only you can answer this question, when you consume a lot of sugar, at first, do you feel good and full of beans, then, do you feel, fatigued and even lethargic?  This is because your blood sugar drops.   Excess sugar can also cause serious problems with your health, it can affect your thyroid, feed yeast infections and point you on the road to diabetes, especially if you already have a family predisposition to this health issue.

So what can one do to help minimise cravings?
Cinnamon is a great blood sugar stabiliser, you can add this to smoothies, cereals and drinks, by just adding ¼ tsp per day, will help balance your blood sugar. Taking chromium, is another helpful tip to minimise sugar cravings, Native Elements have a really good food state chromium which you can order at  I hope that you will find these tips helpful, and easy to implement! to arrange an appointment or recommend a friend.