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When going out to restaurants do you ever ask yourself when you’re offered a mint or a sweet with your bill, “should I eat it?”

Fortunately there are now more restaurants offering sweets with wrappers. However, I have come across a few that are still serving sweets unwrapped, like the round mints, or even nuts and peanuts left on a counter.

I have seen people, sometimes children, pick them up and return them to the container. It is good practice when visiting the bathroom to wash ones hands. Unwrapped sweets may contain traces of urine and fecal bacteria; this comes from bathroom users who don’t wash their hands (or those who pick them up and put them back into the bowl) which can pose a health risk.

Another issue are toothpicks, always make sure that they are individually wrapped or given to you in a healthy manner and not in a way which may be handled by anyone.

Both human and animal feces can pose a health risk.

Human waste is considered a bio waste as it’s a good route for transporting both viral and bacterial diseases.

Take into consideration how one gets threadworms, this can be carried under the fingernail and ingested through the act of nail biting or by put your fingers in your mouth. This is why it’s very important to maintain a good hygienic mind set. Other parasites can give you symptoms including stomach cramps, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea which can lead to dehydration, fever and weight loss. These symptoms can last for up to two weeks.

Thank God for our stomach acid! The hydrochloric acid in your gastric juices kills microorganisms.

Next time you go into a restaurant and given a mint or anything else that’s unwrapped, think twice about taking it.

And remember; always wash your hands after leaving the bathroom.