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Five mental symptoms of stress are: Low self esteem, irritability, anger, isolated, insecurity.

We have all suffered from anger at some point or another during our existence. This is a human response and better out than in. What I will say is before it turns nasty, take a deep breath, look away and count to ten, or think about going for a stroll around the block. This will give you time to rationalise and think about what you are doing. When anger is taken out on a loved one, they often say “ they made me do it, or they made me so angry they made me do it” So take a few seconds and walk away, this will allow you to calm yourself and stop you from doing something you may regret.

I always think that Tai Chi is a great way to balance your mind, to relieve stress, to calm your mind.

Deep breathing is also good for relieving stress, stop it before it turns into anger!

Getting a good night sleep helps. Sleep helps the short fuse syndrome. When you are tired or have had a few hours sleep, this can make you very agitated, especially if you can’t focus and all you want to do is get some decent sleep instead of listening to people talk, not easy to switch of if you are at work and your boss is giving you tasks to do, or your working on a deadline or project. When you have this feeling, it’s like a volcano waiting to erupt. So again, stop, count and look away for a second, taking a deep breath.

Not skipping meals is a good habit to get into; this can make you feel quite cranky and irritable. The rule applies here too! Get up, walk out and get some lunch, give yourself time to eat, this is very important.

Once home, jump in a warm bath and put in some Epsom salts, this will help the muscles relax. Take long deep breaths while in the bath. Before retiring to bed, drink a warm camomile tea.