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There are many views on whether it is good to have plants in the room where ones sleep.

You should not have many plants overnight in a sick person’s room, because they absorb oxygen as well as provide it and give off C02.

I always think that a bed room should be well aired, as this is the room we tend to stay in the most. When we are sick with flu, the germs are floating around in the air. I also recommend not eating in your bedroom, food smells which linger in the room.

The bedroom should be a place where you can chill out and feel comfortable, obviously, some people do like to eat in their room, but from a health and hygienic point of view, I would recommend that you do the eating in the dining room; a room better suited for this purpose.

Some plants create small little midges which fly around and are very annoying. Plant pots can also become mossy which may create spores in the environment, and for those who have a weaker immune system, this may cause irritation in the bronchial. Orchids are also common breeding grounds for insects and grubs. This spread can be controlled by quarantining them for a few weeks and checking now and again for fungus or insects.

Moulds can also cause sinus congestion and body fatigue. Plants need to be well lit and well maintained.

I know artificial plants are not as nice as real ones, however, this is an option for those who want to place plants in their bedrooms, unless maintained by dusting, and this can also present other issues, as dust accumulates on the plant.

One important rule about the bedroom, this is your sanctuary, a place of rest, a place to retire of an evening…