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The skins job

Skin is one of our organs of elimination, which is why when you detox toxins come out via the skin causing pimples or spots. The blog will give you some insight on using natural products.

I guess that’s where the expression “inner beauty comes into”. Let’s give you some tips to use, so you can have that beautiful glowing skin!

Foods that burden the skin

First tip,  minimises junk food and any foods that are greasy, you overburden your system and rubbish will pour out of the skin. I have a fantastic probiotic that would help support that inner beauty, the E500 probiotic it will support the small intestine as well as the large.

The role stress plays on the skin

Currently, we all seem to be working hard with very little relaxation, and stress affects the health of your skin.  Try supporting stress through some breathing exercises and our food state B complex is fantastic and will support stress.   I have had great feedback from clients on the food state B complex, who have suffered from stressful situation and lifestyles. Eating fast will also put a strain/stress on your digestive system, so please bare this in mind if you want that beautiful skin.

Getting enough sleep

Getting enough sleep? If you don’t rest your body/mind enough, those tired signs will start showing on the skin, by means of dark circles under the eyes, spots and not to say, I will also affect your moods, memory and weaken your immune system, and age your skin, due to the depletion of nutrients.  Ideally, we should be getting 7 blissful hours of sleep per night.

The role sugar plays on the skin

Sugar taste great but no friend to your skin. Having excess sugar, or foods that are high in sugar can make your skin brittle.  This includes wrinkles, cellulite which is the breakdown of connective tissue that lies beneath the skin. We see evidence of what sugar can do to teeth, so imagine what it does to skin.  If you have cravings consider taking a chromium, our food state chromium is well absorbed by the body and offers support to anyone with a sweet tooth!

Other natural products

In one of my other posts, I mentioned, how important good beneficial bacteria is for the support of a good functional gut, supporting this will create glowing skin. When steroid creams are used, they do suppress the immune system, controlling acne.  The tips offered here in this blog are simply an alternative solution to support healthy skin, and in no way are they a replacement for medical advice.  Kefir has also been mentioned in previous posts, for example, consider giving yourself a facial with kefir, which is fermented dairy, supplying the skin with topical good bacteria.  It is advisable to cleanse the skin before applying the kefir facial. I would recommend doing this when you’re taking some time out for yourself the longer you leave it on, the better, consider leaving it overnight for better results.  Make sure you cover your pillowcase.

Healing oils may also be used on your skin, for example, you can pop a vitamin E capsule and place a small amount on the affected area, and this will help the skin to heal faster, as the skin absorbs it.

Turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory, try adding turmeric extract to our homemade masks and see if it helps alleviate any acne.  If you decide to use the powder, please make sure to mix it with other ingredients so it does not leave a yellow stain over time.

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