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If you a family of 3 or four, just how easy do you find putting yourself through a diet plan!

It can’t be easy making different food for yourself when you’re cooking different foods for your family. So why don’t you make your life easier? Or perhaps get the husband to join in with you so that you can both do the plan together.

You can try grilling more instead of frying foods, eat more stews and try to minimise the red meat intake as these meats are high in saturated fats.

Grill some fish and have it with some short grain brown rice and include some vegetables with it or a salad.

As for the kids, fish is good for them and contains good essential fats. Children are pretty flexible if they are taught to eat a variety of foods when they are small, which makes life a lot easier for the parents.

If the husband enjoys grilling on a sunny day, have some chicken or fish, and have this with a baked potato and salad. Most people enjoy baked potatoes including children.

Caesar salad is another good option, it contains chicken and salad, cheese, you can also include grilled peppers (try to minimising on the cheese when you’re on a diet). Drinking water is also very good for the entire family, if children find this hard, then add some fresh mint leaves, or do some juicing at home, this way the whole family will enjoy fresh pressed juices.

Juicing is also good as a cleanser, you can juice, celery, spinach and apple if you like beetroot this can also be included.

You can also try a small buffet, with salad, grilled meat, or wraps with vegetables, salads, rice, the variety is endless.

Try alternating between wheat free for all the family, including the kids. Kids love pasta, and this type is also good for you when trying to lose weight. So make it fun for all, food does not have to be boring when you’re trying to lose weight.