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The cleansing program will be starting on the 8th of February 2021 and looking forward to introducing it to you, along with my Facebook live support clinic to ensure your success.

I completed it myself last year and can say that I noticed a difference with achieving my target weight, better quality sleep, and my digestion improved with less bloating after meals.

Program start date is 8th of February. The information pack that comes with the program includes:

  • Menu plans. To take the burden away from thinking about what to cook each day.
  • Food list. A vast variety of different foods from which to choose.
  • Recipes. A variety of great recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner that are delicious. Alternatively, you can mix and match foods to your liking.
  • Cleanse regimen. For those of you who are working long hours, and a cleanse has been on the mind for a while, the program also offers quick and easy meal ideas with easy cheats.
  • Lifestyle tips. To help you with stress, constipation and other 18 extra lifestyle tips.
  • Do’s and Don’t foods. Includes two lists of foods that are supportive as well as those foods that are not.
  • Shopping list. Really comes in handy, as it shows you what foods and drinks you can buy while on the cleanse.
  • Supplement protocol. A schedule of supplements to take for the full 14 days. Supplements are included.

The program is divided into sections to:

  1. The week before we start the program, is about getting into a good eating routine.
  2. The week you start the cleanse, the program will Introduce you to low allergenic foods to decrease inflammation and toxic burden on the body.
  3. This stage will be focusing on liver support, making sure you get all your nutrients while eliminating and detoxifying you, and increasing the body’s antioxidants. The supplement protocol has been designed to help you plan your morning breakfast, snack times, lunches, and dinners.

The program is suitable for vegetarians.

You will have three avenues for support. At the start I offer you a 60-minute Zoom call, where I’ll be going through the whole program including supplements and diet. During the call, you will have a chance to ask questions in preparation of starting the cleanse.

You will also be invited to a closed Facebook live support clinic which I will conduct on Monday and Thursday for 15 minutes. I will ask you to post any questions you have a day before I go live on Facebook so they can be addressed there. If you miss a live session, don’t worry, there will be a recording of it in the Facebook group.

You will have absolutely everything you need from support to product to planned food. You don’t have to follow the menu plans, as long as you stick to the food list if you wish to create your own menu plans, or you’re eating out.

What type of support will this cleanse offer?

The cleanse is offering support in different areas of the body. The program was designed to support liver function, constipation, blood sugar balance, and the program is packed full of antioxidants.

The good thing about the program is that it is not a fast or calorie restricted, and you can eat these foods with no quantity restrictions, and you should not be hungry while on this program.

The program cost is £299 and if you book before the end of January you will receive an additional 10% which will be added towards any future programs, such as the gut restoration, workshops or future supplement orders.

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