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Participants who have completed the 14 Day NutriClean Programme report a host of health improvements – including improved energy, weight loss and better sleep.

This program contains supplements that play an important role in supporting the removal of toxins throughout the body. Living with everyday pollution such as the exposure to plastics, fumes and otherwise, can increase the toxicity levels in our bodies causing associated issues like hormonal imbalances and disrupted sleep patterns. Toxins are also in our cleaning products, cookware and beauty products.

If you don’t clean out the bin, it will overflow, and attract all sorts of horrible things.

So lets start emptying that dustbin and lets get your diet back to basics to give your body a new lease of life.

Who is this program for

The program works well for anyone who requires a nutritional cleanse, increased vitamin and mineral absorption, and to empty out that internal toxic dustbin. It is also a great program if your goal is to lose some weight, especially if you’ve put on unwanted weight during Covid-19 lock down.

“As a practitioner, I have done the program myself and lost 6 lbs. It kick started me back into a good healthy routine during lock down”

The programme uses a specific supplement regime and a low allergenic food plan. Your program provides you with:

  • One group Zoom meeting to discuss the program to help you get started
  • Menu planners
  • Quick and easy meal ideas
  • Supplement protocol and FAQs
  • Health questionnaire
  • Workbook to track your progress
  • A great shopping list, which you can use to pre-plan your kitchen before you start.
  • Lifestyle tips to support you both physically and mentally
  • Closed FB group with Q&A twice a week, to help you with any questions

 Program feedback:

I have done the program myself and have lost 1 stone in weight. It also included a variety of healthy foods to support inflammation, and hormonal balancin. As a practitioner, I teach what I preach and would never ask anyone to do something I’m not prepared to do myself.

“I have Hashimotos Disease. I am not on any medication. It has taken a couple of years to get a feeling of wellness with diet, supplements and lifestyle changes.”

This program will only be available on offer for three weeks starting the 17th September 2020 at the offer price of £299, instead of £544, saving £245 on the regular price.

Book your slot and lets start emptying that dustbin and give you a new lease of life.

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