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Think of it this way. When you have a colonoscopy it is not a functional bowel assessment; it’s a tool that rules out things like cancer, irritable bowel diseases or it identifies polyps, and maybe because each person specialises in a one approach fits all.

Naturopathy works well as a preventative measure, if you are looking to either make improvements to your health, because you’ve been experiencing recurring health issues, or are looking to prevent a chronic health issue from happening. Naturopathy focuses on the preventative approach of correcting health issues before they turn into something worse. It looks at the overall persons health and uses functional testing as well as correcting dietary issues, lifestyle contributors and the use of targeted supplements when they are required. All my programs have been created with this very important preventative approach focus in mind.

Functional medicine takes the client on a journey, directly representative to a client’s lab testing, which further helps identify the underlying issues so that the client can make the necessary changes to reclaim their optimal health. Giving you, that optimal wellbeing for which you have been probably seeking, and answering that long-plagued question:

WHY am I always feeling tired, or WHY am I always feeling unwell?

Those who have lived with long term symptoms, may think that these are normal…but they are not.

If you don’t wake up with a wealth of energy, or if you lack concentration throughout the day, this means you are not hitting that optimal mark in health and wellbeing. I can help you make the necessary changes to achieve this, to finally get closure on the WHY question you’ve been asking yourself, and which hasn’t been answered, regardless of having been down the medical route.

There may be many reasons why your health may not be reaching its optimal health:

  • Inherited predisposing factors
  • Deficiencies
  • Not being able to absorb nutrients correctly
  • Stress
  • Many other reasons

Functional medicine looks at the whole-body system approach including physical aspects as well as mental, by using lifestyle, diet, natural supplements and functional testing to create bespoke health plans for clients.

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