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What part does Gut Health play in your overall health

Over the last few years, you might have heard this word being mentioned on the news or on a paper you read: the Microbiome. 

The microbiome plays an important role for the health of our body. So, what is it?

The microbiome is the genome of all our microbes, and estimated that there are 100 trillion microbes, of which the bulk live in our gut.  

What is its role?

The human microbiome has extensive functions, like:

  • The development of our immunity
  • Defends us against pathogens
  • Assists in the production of short-chain fatty acids
  • Assists in energy metabolism
  • Assists in synthesis of vitamin and fat storage
  • Influences human behaviour

Here is a visual diagram of the many functions that the microbiome does

See how the gut plays an important role in our health and wellbeing, and how taking a preventative approach would help us remain in better health to prevent chronic illness. 

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