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Who is this for?

If you’re experiencing acute or recurring health Issues and want a more natural intervention, this program is for you. The focus of this package is on gut health, but it will not exclude other health issues that may need to be addressed during the consultation or during testing. The outcome is to enable you to get your life back to some normality before these health issues become chronic. Another reason could be that you’ve already gone down the medical route, and your WHY has never been resolved? This program will give you those answers.

If you have been experiencing these without any resolution, then this program is for you : 

  • Bloating
  • Discomfort after eating
  • Acid Reflux
  • Constipation or Diarrhoea 
  • General stomach malaise
  • Parasites or recurring viral infections
  • Gut infection or, after travelling
  • Migraines

Why is it important to get down to the root cause of your issues?

Currently, we live amazingly fast paced lives, where there is little room for relaxation.  In time, we become more and more stressed, by eating fast, and paying little attention to our health and our eating habits become affected by the pace of live we live by.  This may mean we become more complaisant about our health, eventually causing issues like constipation, and take the easy route, by taking things like laxatives and antacids which have a knock-on-effect on our health.  The quick route may lead you to believe that this is a quick fix; it’s not eventually the body becomes lazy because it doesn’t get what it needs to function properly by taking away the body’s ability to do its job properly.  We become more toxic and more stressed, and eventually we become ill. The purpose of this program is to deal with your health before it become chronic.

How will this package help me?

Once we find out what the root cause of your health issue is, it makes it far easier to support you, to give the body what it needs to function properly, so that you start feeling the improved version of yourself. Less bloating, better digestion, no stomach pains or diarrhoea/constipation and more energy, and a happier and more confident version of yourself. On the plus side, the package offers a natural and alternative approach and may stop your health from deteriorating further or becoming chronic to the point of it affecting your home and work life.

What is included in the program?

  • Access to the Future Health Management client portal (with many more benefits to support you)
  • Information on foods do and don’ts
  • Bespoke functional testing
  • Weekly stay on course 15 min Zoom meetings (by per-arrangement)
  • Email support
  • 6 1-1 30 min protocol progress meetings every four weeks via Zoom. 
  • Functional testing and re-testing at the end of the 6 months 
  • Test interpretations included
  • Supplements provided for your protocols

Health Assessment: The initial consultation is where I get information about your lifestyle, diet, medication schedule and other important details needed to build your health plan. This is part of an important diagnostics tool to expand on questions regarding diet, lifestyle, and any family history, needed to create this unique program for you, and a precursor to finding out what functional testing, may be useful, to gather further in-depth information, which may be helpful in creating and furthering that step to becoming healthy. The health assessment will not be part of the package, because it is the initial contact between you and me. This is the tool that will provide me with a better understanding of how I can correct and help you with your health goals, and determine which health package you are better suited to.  

6 1-1 Follow up 30 min consultations: These are used to monitor your progress and to make any changes to your protocols as you progress through the stages of your health journey. These sessions are particularly important for both parties.  The follow up’s will normally be done once every four weeks to allow changes to your initial protocol to be implement by you. As I work to support you each week/month(s), the protocols given may change, as improvement is made.

Supplements and Medication will be reviewed to ensure that there are no interactions while I work with you (happy to connect with your GP/Doctor, when needed), or if your goal is to come of your medication. I will never ask you to come of any given medication, but I may ask your GP to do a review of them.

Client portal: The portal is there to help and provide further guidance. You will have access to useful video information, bespoke to you which you can watch on your own time.  The portal will also have protocol focused health handouts, which contains information to help you make improvements, plus other helpful things, like recipe ideas or foods that you may or may not be able to eat during a protocol.  The portal will also have specific health handouts to help and support you make improvements, plus other information, like recipe ideas or foods that you may or may not be able to eat during a protocol. You will be well supported throughout your journey.

Bespoke functional testing at the start and end:

This stool test is one of the most comprehensive tests on the market. This is a diagnostics tool for the practitioner to monitor, target and implement better solutions for your health program.  The test will show elements of gut health that need addressing and they also help to fine tune your program further, and show you what visible progress has been made.  Re-test are a good monitoring tool that shows you where the changes and improvements are being made. This helps you to better understand where we need to be more focused on to continue improving your health. This test also allows additional add-on’s for other gastrointestinal issues, e.g. H.pylori.

Test Interpretations: Test can be very complex and hard to understand. Some reports contain many pages of information gathered from your blood, stool, saliva or urine tests, which is why these are discussed with you during one of the follow up sessions. Protocols may change due to the outcomes of these tests. Some people start noticing improvements within the first week. Staying focused and following these protocols will help you make improvements each month allowing you to full fill your health goal(s).

Email support: An additional portal for support. This program offers many avenues for support, to help and guide you every step of the way.

Total cost for this tailored 6-month program is £6,490

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